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ABC’s Book Mail Subscription

We Are Pleased To Announce The New ABC 

Book-In-The-Mail Club


This is a new subscription service being offered by the ABC

We started it becuase we love sending books in the mail, and we hope to pass along that sense of happiness to you. 

The Book-In-The Mail Club is like having a personalized recommendation from one of our great booksellers mailed to you every month. It's an easy way to find exciting new books to read. 

The Club also makes a great present.

Whether you're joining the Club for yoruself or someone you care about, you'll be spreading some literary joy, and building a sense of connection. Plus, it's a great way to support the store!


HOW IT WORKS (see FAQs below for further details)


1. Decide what type of book you want to receive, and how often.

2. Sign up through the links below. You pay for a year's subscription up front.

3. We'll send you a form to fill out with important details about what types of books you are interested in, and whether the book is for you or a friend.

4. You sit back and relax. Our team of curators goes to work selecting the book.

5. We wrap the book, and throw in some fun incidentals, such as bookmarks and stickers.

6. You or someone you love waits in a state of pleasant expectation for the book to arrive in the mail

7. Repeat the process every month for a year.


Prices/Options--Click on link below to see more details and/or purchase

1. New Hardcovers

Option 1: 1 book a month, $400/yr

Option 2: book every other month, $200/yr


2. New Paperbacks

Option 1: 1 book a month, $250/yr

Option 2: book every other month, $125/yr


3. Vintage Books

Option 1: 1 book a month: $160/yr

Option 2: book every other month, $80/yr



Q: What happens after I sign up/How will you know what books I like and want you to send me?

A: After you sign up, we will send you a google form that includes the chance to specify what genre/style/period/authors you are interested in.


Q: Can I request specific titles?

A: You can request specific titles, but we cannot guarantee that we will send you them. We can guarantee that we will use your suggestion to help guide our choices in the books we will send you.


Q: What service do you use for shipping?

A: We only use USPS for shipping. 


Q: What's the delivery schedule?

A: We send out books to all subscribers in one batch at the end of a month (otherwise the logistics would drive us over the wall), so that they arrive at the start of the next month. Thus, if you sign up in November, the books will begin arriving in early December.  


Q: I got the subcription as a gift, will the recipient receive a notification? 

A: That depends on your preference. When you sign up, we'll send you a form. If you are getting the subscription as a gift, there will be an option to say whether you want the recipient to receive a notification before receivign the books. 


Q: Will I have a chance to update my preferences?

A: Yes! Everytime we send out the books, we include a note which states that the recipient can send a message via email with any suggestions, recommendations, or requests that they may have.


Q: What happens if I hate the book that I get?

A: We hope this won't happen! But if it does, then we will send you up to one other book per month. 


Q: What about refunds?

A: If you decide that you want to cancel your subscription, we will honor that request, minus the amount of titles we've already sent. For example, if you originally get the 12 new hardcovers a year, and then decide you want to cancel after we have sent you 6 books, then we will refund you for 50% of the amount of the subscription.