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ABC Author Members

Our author members play a unique role in the cooperative by bringing their energy and talent to the store with their readings, events, story times, etc.  They support the co-op with their work, which spans a variety of genres, and here is an opportunity for you to support them.

Click on their names below to check out their books and learn more about them. 

Chuck Augello: The Revolving Heart 

Ada Austen: Better Late Than Never 

Charlie Bondhus Diving Bones and How The Boy Might See It

Jay Butkowski: Rock and a Hard Place Magazine Issues One and Two

Tobias Carroll: Political Sign, Reel, and Transitory

Peter Cavalier: Bank Street, and Flanagan's Flight

Kim Ciraulo: Down the Shore with a Seagull Named Sami, Down the Shore with a Scaredy Cat Named Princess Cassandra 

Barbara de la Cuesta: The Mists

Casey Dembowski: When We're Thirty

Lucie Dickenson: The Anxious Hippie, The Anxious Hippie Handbook, and Worry-Free ABC

Maureen Edwards: It Is What It Is, Mystical Treehouse and Other Stories

Steven FarkasA Murder in the Dark City, Strange Experiments, Spawn of The Wasteland, and more

Paula (PC) Feather: Tall Willows

Katherine Furman

Heath Gertner: Dedicated to My Muse and Other Inspirations

Caitlin Gola: She Said He, Rooked, Cooking Up Christmas

Matthew Gustavsen:

Robert Hennelly: Stuck Nation

Stefanie HilarczykThe Adventures of Tooth Fairy Tommy

Kevin Hinkle: A Few Bruises Better

Sally Kalksma: Life Gets in the Way: Powering Through Adversity with Grit and Grace

Lauren Keating: Ready, Set, Run!  

Bryan Kuderna: Anoroc

Caroline Madden: Springsteen as Soundtrack

Laura McCullough: Women and Other Hostages (and many more)

Ray O'Meara: The Aberrationists

Anna Mae Perillo: Inheretance of Courage and Fear

Rashaan Riggans: Storm Cry, Rain of the Fallen, and Lost Winds

Amanda Rowe: If There Was Never A You

R.C. Staab: 100 Things to Do at the Jersey Shore Before You Die

Stephanie Sommerlad Bello: Trinket and the Legend of the Locket

Pamela Stockwell: A Boundless Place (publishing in October!)



Why is a local author membership good for you as an author? 

Independent bookstores and local authors have always had a symbiotic relationship and the cooperative model has great built-in benefits for authors.  We are interested in highlighting the work of a diverse range of voices, and as an independent bookstore, we have the freedom to do that.

If you are a published author and your books are available to us at a standard trade discount through our wholesalers, or direct from you, we will highlight them both in the store and on the store’s website. You will have an author page on our website with links to your books. Also, you able to host your signings, readings, or other events at the bookstore.

Local author members work with our marketing and events committees to help make their events successful.   We believe that we can help each other to thrive and we believe that by becoming members, local authors are making an investment in their own future as well as the future of the culture of independent art and literature in our region.

We suggest authors join at the Local Author Member Level, or make a larger investment, but every co-op member is valuable to us and we can work with you according to your needs. We appreciate your interest in being a part of this unique cooperative project! Join as a local author member here today.