Asbury's Best Cocktail Calendar 2022

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The Asbury Book Cooperative is proud to announce the 2022 edition of our Asbury's Best Cocktail Calendar.

Last year's cocktail calendar became the best selling item in the store's history and our initial run sold out well before Christmas. Don't get caught short, be sure to pre-order your copy today! They will be shipped or available for pick-up by Black Friday.

Here are eight reasons why you need to buy this for the holidays.

First, this is an ALL NEW version of the calendar. Discover MORE great places in Asbury Park. See NEW incredible cocktails and recipes. If you enjoyed last year's calendar, you will love this new and improved version for 2022.

Second, it looks AWESOME! The pictures are incredible. Like Asbury itself, it is very eclectic. Each page has a different look and vibe capturing a different theme for each month. You'll love the feature for Halloween!

Third, so many great local artists and photographers participated.

Fourth, if you are into cocktails, you will love these recipes! So many different spirits and options to choose from!

Fifth, if you know someone who wants to learn more about Asbury, this is an ideal guide as it showcases the best places in town. Visit every featured venue and gain an expertise on the best of Asbury.

Sixth, support local! You can buy anything in the world on Amazon, but why not get something from a local independent bookstore that is actually owned and operated by the Asbury Park community. Besides, you will know that your order will not be tied up in some overseas storage container.

Seventh, this is truly a homegrown, grassroots, labor of love to show support for Asbury Park. It was created by local artists to rally for a great local bookstore and the amazing community of Asbury Park as a whole. This project helps the bookstore support young readers in Asbury, local authors, provide great affordable options for the community, and helps keep a cool store up and running.

Eighth, we all need a calendar.

Pre-order your copies today! We will notify you when the calendars are printed and available for pick-up at the bookstore. If you like we can send you yours in the mail as well.

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