Become a Volunteer!

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an ABC Volunteer.

Please fill out this form: ABC VOLUNTEER APPLICATION

Please read the description below. It lists the different types of volunteer position at the store. Think about which may best suit you before completing the application. All types of volunteers are important and necessary to the functionality of the bookshop! You can always start as one type and then switch to another.

The list below is in descending order from most demanding position to least demanding position:

  • Shift Leader Position: (1-2 shifts a week) A Shift Leader will be able to Open or Close the store by themselves and be able to work alone if their co-volunteer cannot be available for their shift. A Shift Leader must be familiar with the volunteer manual. This includes being up to date on current ABC events and promotions; different tiers of membership; our POS (Point of Sale) System; how to input inventory, issue gift cards, sign up memberships and issue refunds and process used book donations. Shift leaders also keep the floor looking amazing by restocking displays with new books and used books. 


  • Inventory Volunteer Position: 1 shift a week) In addition to regular volunteer activities, Inventory Volunteers are the only volunteers allowed to input inventory into the system. An Inventory Volunteer must know how to read packing slips, locate Special Orders/Online Orders (SPOs) on packing slip, input inventory in our POS system and stock new inventory.


  • Point of Sale Bookseller Position: (1 shift a week) a Point of Sale Bookseller must be able to use our POS system, be able to apply discounts to orders, and issue gift cards and refunds. They will help keep our store looking immaculate by putting necessary books or signage outside, updating the sandwich boards with current events, restocking books, stickering used books, organizing, and cleaning. 


  • Used Book Volunteer Position: (2 shifts a month)  A Used Book Volunteer will work closely with our Used Book Manager in assisting to price books and issue store credit for book donations. Will organize our used book area and assist during used book sales!


  • Support Volunteer Position: (1 shift a week) a Support Volunteer will work with other volunteers to help keep the store organized and clean. They will chat with customers and create a positive and warm environment. They may perform any one off tasks given to them and can support any off-site events or outreach if desired!