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The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month (Hardcover)

The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month Cover Image
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Trend journalist, on-air host, and lifestyle expert Hilary Sheinbaum explores the incredible life-changing benefits of abstaining from alcohol for one month and provides a comprehensive guide to help you tackle Dry January, Sober October, and other booze-free challenges.

For many people, the holidays bring too much fun, too much food, and too much booze. January can be the perfect time to embrace the new you—and it all starts with taking a break from the bottle . . . but this challenge isn’t limited to the month of January. 

The Dry Challenge is ideal for anyone who wants to complete a dry month challenge, giving up all forms of alcohol—wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, including no shots, no low ABV cocktails, and absolutely no champagne toasts—for thirty-one days. 

Whether you’re thinking of participating in Dry January, Sober October, or want to choose a time of your own, this book walks you step-by-step through one drink-free month, from making a plan to sharing the news with friends and family (and what to do when someone tries to sabotage it) to getting back on track if you slip up and have a drink (or two).

Hilary Sheinbaum covers essential topics and provides informative tips such as:

  • “What You’ll Gain When You Lose the Booze” + other positive side effects—money and time saved, and a deep dive into the health benefits of living a month without booze.
  • “Sober Month Support Squad”—how to enlist friends for support and combat social pressures from our current drinking culture.
  • Fun non-boozy activities everyone can participate in, dating (without drinks), “zero-proof” drink recipes, how to throw a nonalcoholic shindig, and the new sober nightlife trend.

With interactive activities from prompts to checklists to recipes, The Dry Challenge is the ultimate guide to stay booze free for one month. Cheers to a whole new you!

About the Author

Journalist Hilary Sheinbaum has been a (4x) Dry January participant and advocate since 2017. Covering food & beverage, health & fitness, beauty & lifestyle, entertainment, weddings and more, her trend and profile pieces have appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, Marie Claire, and Travel + Leisure,, and Yahoo!amNew York and many other outlets. Hilary has been featured as an entertainment and lifestyle expert on Inside Edition, CBS, Fox & Friends, and more. The former South Floridian graduated from the University of Florida. She currently lives in New York City.

Praise For…

The definitive guide to giving up booze. It made me want to put down the wine and join the movement.
— Dan Wakeford, People

An intentional, well-researched, and hilarious read about a simple, effective, and purposeful way to keep happy, gain a few hours a day, and even save a couple of bucks.
— Raakhee Mirchandani, Dow Jones

The Dry Challenge makes the daunting prospect of giving up alcohol for a month seem like a manageable—and even fun!—endeavor, with major upsides.
— Matt Sullivan, InTouch Weekly

The Dry Challenge isn’t just an enjoyable read but an easy-to-follow roadmap for those in search of a full-body reset, both physical and mental. Full of optimism (and gasp-worthy facts!), Hilary Sheinbaum's book skillfully explains why backing off booze for 31 days isn't such a bad idea.
— Evan Real, The Hollywood Reporter

As someone who’s tried—and failed—at Dry January many times over the last few years, this is the book I’ve been waiting for. The Dry Challenge is relatable, non-judgmental, and—most importantly—dedicates an entire chapter to how to date without alcohol. I can’t wait until next Dry January, which with the help of this book I think will *finally* be my most successful one yet.
— Zoe Weiner, Well+Good

An easy-to-sip guide that helps you abstain from alcohol for a month—or longer...a fun look at what readers can gain by setting down the glass. 
Washington Post

Regardless of your habits, you're likely to find ways to make a sober month a fun challenge with friends, rather than a slog, after reading journalist Hilary Sheinbaum's new book, The Dry Challenge. Here, you'll find prompts, checklists, mocktail recipes, and more to keep you motivated during a sober month.

...this entertaining how-to will convince you of the benefits—and joys!—of a month without drinking.

After doing a lot of eating and drinking this holiday season, who couldn't use a good detox! Check out Hilary Sheinbaum's book The Dry Challenge when looking for nonalcoholic fun.  
InTouch Weekly

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