Kingdoms in Peril, Volume 1: The Curse of the Bao Lords (Hardcover)

Kingdoms in Peril, Volume 1: The Curse of the Bao Lords By Olivia Milburn Cover Image

Kingdoms in Peril, Volume 1: The Curse of the Bao Lords (Hardcover)


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Translated in full for the first time, this first volume immerses readers in the power and drama of the electrifying classic Chinese novel. 

Deep inside the Zhou royal palace, an ancient curse is released, and darkness spreads across the land. An incompetent king’s mad passion for a teenaged slave leads to the country being torn apart by civil war. As the situation unravels, will anyone attempt to stand against the forces of chaos?
One of the great works of Chinese literature, Kingdoms in Peril is an epic historical novel charting the five hundred years leading to the unification of the country in 221 B.C.E. under the rule of the legendary First Emperor. Writing some fourteen hundred years later, the Ming-era author Feng Menglong drew on a vast trove of literary and historical documents to compose a gripping narrative account of how China was forged.

Detailing the stories of unforgettable characters who defined and shaped the times in which they lived, the complete edition of Kingdoms in Peril is a vital resource for those seeking a comprehensive overview of China’s ancient past and the political machinations that led to its unification. There are many historical works that provide an account of some of these events, but none are as thrilling and breathtakingly memorable as Kingdoms in Peril.

Feng Menglong (1574–1646) was a Chinese novelist, historian, and poet of the late Ming Dynasty. A master storyteller, he has long been admired for the psychological realism of his characters as well as the narrative skill displayed in his novels and short story collections.

Olivia Milburn is Professor in the School of Chinese at the University of Hong Kong. Her previous publications include The Glory of Yue and The Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Yan.

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