Women of Power: Formidable Females of the Medieval World (Hardcover)

Women of Power: Formidable Females of the Medieval World By Teresa Cole Cover Image

Women of Power: Formidable Females of the Medieval World (Hardcover)


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Exploring a selection of lives that disproves the stereotype of medieval women as subordinate to men.

The stereotypical medieval woman is a pious, helpless creature of little intelligence, and still less drive and ambition. Completely at the mercy of the men in her life, she was married young, had copious offspring and died, often in childbirth, to make way for another, younger model. At best she may have inspired music (made by men), art (made by men), or poetry (made by men), but clearly she were incapable of doing anything for herself.

While this may have been true of many, it was certainly not true of the women featured here. Emma, Matilda and Eleanor were all queens of England wielding great influence in their time, while the Empress Matilda ruled northern Italy at the age of 16, and came close to seizing back the English crown, promised to her and then usurped by her cousin, Stephen. Matilda of Tuscany and Melisende of Jerusalem both ruled in their own right and with notable success.

All these women had very clear ideas of what they wanted and how to get it, and all were prepared to use force to achieve their ends. They can truly be called formidable women of the Medieval World.
Teresa Cole was a teacher for many years before turning to writing. She is the author of Henry V: The Life of the Warrior King & the Battle of Agincourt 1415 (“Cole understands the importance of drama … a thorough account of Henry’s life” – History of War Magazine), and three books about the Normans – The Norman Conquest: William the Conqueror’s Subjugation of England, After the Conquest: The Divided Realm 1066-1135, and Anarchy: The Darkest Days of Medieval England. In a new departure, her latest book, Harry of England, looks at the lives and achievements of the eight kings of England who have borne the name Henry.
Product Details ISBN: 9781445698748
ISBN-10: 1445698749
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication Date: March 12th, 2024
Pages: 288
Language: English
Historian and author Teresa Cole has taken six 'formidable' women of the medieval world, and explored their influential lives in this intriguing new book.', The Writing Desk, November 2023    

If you want to explore the Middle Ages with some new historical figures who left their marks on the past, I recommend you read, “Women of Power: Formidable Queens of the Medieval World” by Teresa Cole.', Adventures of a Tudor Nerd, December 2023