Practical Utopia: Strategies for a Desirable Society (KAIROS) (Paperback)

Practical Utopia: Strategies for a Desirable Society (KAIROS) By Michael Albert, Noam Chomsky (Preface by) Cover Image

Practical Utopia: Strategies for a Desirable Society (KAIROS) (Paperback)

By Michael Albert, Noam Chomsky (Preface by)


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Michael Albert’s latest work, Practical Utopia is a succinct and thoughtful discussion of ambitious goals and practical principles for creating a desirable society and includes a preface by Noam Chomsky
Michael Albert is an organizer, publisher, teacher, and author of over twenty books and hundreds of articles. Noam Chomsky, internationally renowned MIT professor, practically invented modern linguistics. Author of scores of books, his latest are What Kind of Creatures Are We? and Who Rules the World
Product Details ISBN: 9781629633817
ISBN-10: 162963381X
Publisher: PM Press
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: KAIROS
“Albert extends his analysis to just about every major domain of human concern and mode of human interaction, and investigates with care and insight how, in these domains, new principles could lead to a far more desirable society than anything that exists, and also how these goals can be constructively approached. It is a very valuable and provocative contribution to the quest for a world of much greater freedom and justice.” —Noam Chomsky 

"Albert mulls over the better society that we may create after capitalism, provoking much thought and offering a generous, hopeful vision of the future. Albert’s prescriptions for action in the present are modest and wise, his suggestions for building the future are ambitious and humane.” —Milan Ra

“Michael Albert is an important thinker who takes us beyond radical denunciations and pretentious ‘analysis’ to a thoughtful, profound meditation on what a good society can be like.” —Howard Zinn

“With his combination of hard-edged logic and visionary hope, Michael Albert is one of the treasures of the Left.” —Barbara Ehrenreich

"In his preface to this book, Noam Chomsky claims that the book ‘merits great respect and close attention,’ and I cannot disagree. In fact, I strongly recommend it to anyone presently involved in activism or movement building aimed at meaningful social change." —Emily Carrigan,