Make: Volume 88 (Paperback)

Make: Volume 88 By Dale Dougherty (Editor) Cover Image

Make: Volume 88 (Paperback)

By Dale Dougherty (Editor)


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Paper printers can print in color, why not 3D printers? Well, now they can New multicolor and multi-material 3D printers are more approachable than ever ? and they ? re good

In this issue of Make: we go in depth with the latest multi-filament 3D printing systems from Bambu Labs, Prusa Research, and others to show you how to get the best color 3D prints. But even though you can print multicolor pieces, should you? From waste towers to orientation issues, we walk you through the pros and cons of printing all-in-one color pieces versus assembling separate color parts. Then, get the download on next-level resin printing that can produce pieces in literal seconds Next, take a look at HueForge, a surprising technique for 3D printing full-color reliefs that look like digital paintings. And, can AI make ready-to-print 3D objects? The answer is ? ? ? ] Kind of

Plus, 21 projects for you to make, including:

  • Craft a cuddly companion robot that moves and lights up through sight and touch
  • Make a DIY mobility walker for cheap
  • Create a highly customizable alarm clock with a pixel display
  • Build a ham radio antenna out of an actual tin of ham
  • Make a giant LED Ouija board and send spooky messages via Wi-Fi
  • Turn a hardwood cutting board into a gorgeous end table
  • Design your vinyl cutter projects for fast weeding and application
  • Make a simple animatronic robot with AI that knows how to follow your face
  • And much more
Product Details ISBN: 9781680458282
ISBN-10: 1680458280
Publisher: Make Community, LLC
Publication Date: March 5th, 2024
Pages: 128
Language: English