[Set: Gas Engineering Vol.1-3] (Paperback)

[Set: Gas Engineering Vol.1-3] By James G. Speight Cover Image

[Set: Gas Engineering Vol.1-3] (Paperback)


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The set contains three volumes of "Gas Engineering".

Each book contains references at the end of chapter which include information from the open literature and meeting proceedings to give a picture of where the gas processing technology stands as well as indicate some relatively new technologies that could become important in the future. Also, each book also contains a comprehensive glossary.

The books are written in an easy-to-read style and offer a ready-at-hand (one-stop-shopping) guide to the many issues that are related to the engineering aspects of the properties and processing of natural gas as well as the effects of natural gas on various ecosystems as well as to pollutant mitigation and clean-up. The books present an overview, with a considerable degree of detail of the various aspects of natural gas technology. Any chemistry presented in the books is used as a means of explanation of a particular point but is maintained at an elementary level.

Volume 1 "Origin and Reservoir Engineering" deals with the origins of process gases and describes recovery, properties and composition. It covers as well the shale gas, the production from hydrocarbon rich deep shale formations, being one of the most quickly expanding trends in onshore domestic gas exploration.

Volume 2 "Composition and Processing of Gas Streams" covers the constituents of gas streams and their properties. The author presents the chemistry and engineering aspects of the methods and principles by which the gas streams might be cleaned from their noxious constituents. The concept of gas condensate is also discussed as well as the methods which can be applied to the analysis of streams and condensate.

"Volume 3 "Uses of Gas and Effects" introduces the concept of liquefied natural gas and the concept gas-to-liquids and also presents a review of the uses of gas streams and the effects of the various gases on the environment. This volume also describes the properties gas streams as they are related to corrosion effects are also presented. The relationship of the properties of gas streams as they affect corrosion such as carburization and metal dusting as well as corrosion in steel and other materials used in refinery technology are also presented and the book summarizes key findings into corrosion processes in gas-processing equipment as well as corrosion in offshore structures.

Dr. James G. Speight (Larami, USA) has doctorate degrees in Chemistry, Geological Sciences, and Petroleum Engineering and is the author of more than 95 books in science, engineering, biosciences, and environmental sciences as well as books relating to ethics and ethical issues. Dr. Speight's work has also focused on safety issues, environmental effects, remediation, reactors associated with the production and use of fuels and biofuels, process economics, as well as ethics in science and engineering and in ethic in the universities. In 1996, Dr. Speight was elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences and awarded the Gold Medal of Honor that same year for outstanding contributions to the field of petroleum sciences. In 2001, he received the Scientists without Borders Medal of Honor of the Russian Academy of Sciences and was also awarded the Einstein Medal for outstanding contributions and service in the field of Geological Sciences. In 2005, the Academy awarded Dr. Speight the Gold Medal - Scientists without Frontiers, Russian Academy of Sciences, in recognition of Continuous Encouragement of Scientists to Work Together Across International Borders. In 2007 Dr. Speight received the Methanex Distinguished Professor award at the University of Trinidad and Tobago in recognition of excellence in research. In 2018 he was awarded the American Excellence Award for Excellence in Client Solutions, United States Institute of Trade and Commerce. Washington, DC. JamesSp8@aol.com https: //www.drjamespeight.com
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