PLC Programming Using RSLogix 5000: Understanding Ladder Logic and the Studio 5000 Platform (Paperback)

PLC Programming Using RSLogix 5000: Understanding Ladder Logic and the Studio 5000 Platform By Nathan Clark Cover Image

PLC Programming Using RSLogix 5000: Understanding Ladder Logic and the Studio 5000 Platform (Paperback)


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★ Learn How to Design and Build a Program in RSLogix 5000 from Scratch ★
This book will guide you through your very first steps in the RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 environment as well as familiarize you with ladder logic programming. We help you gain a deeper understanding of the RSLogix 5000 interface, the practical methods used to build a PLC program, and how to download your program onto a CompactLogix or ControlLogix PLC. We also cover the basics of ladder logic programming that every beginner should know, and provide ample practical examples to help you gain a better understanding of each topic. By the end of this book you will be able to create a PLC program from start to finish, that can take on any real-world task.

What This Book OffersIntroduction to Ladder Logic Programming
We cover the essentials of what every beginner should know when starting to write their very first program. We also cover the basics of programming with ladder logic, and how ladder logic correlates to the PLC inputs and outputs. These principles are then put to work inside RSLogix 5000, by explaining the basic commands that are required to control a machine.

Introduction to RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000
We go into meticulous detail on the workings of the Rockwell software, what each window looks like, the elements of each drop-down menu, and how to navigate through the program.

Working with Instructions
We cover every available instruction necessary for beginners, what each instruction does along with a short example for each. You will also learn about communication settings and how to add additional devices to your control system.

Working with Tags, Routines and Faults
We show you how to create and use the various types of tags available, along with all of the different data types that are associated with tags. This guide also covers the finer details of routines, UDTs and AOIs. As well as providing guidance on how to account for typical problems and recover from faults. All of which are essential to most programs.

A Real-World Practical Approach
Throughout the entire guide, we reference practical scenarios where the various aspects we discuss are applied in the real world. We made sure to include numerous examples, as well as two full practical examples, which brings together everything you will have learned in the preceding chapters.

Key Topics
  1. Introduction to RSLogix 5000 and PLCs
  • Intended Audience
  • Important Vocabulary
  • What is RSLogix 5000
  • What is a PLC
  • Basic Requirements
Simple Programming Principles
  • Determine Your Goal
  • Break Down the Process
  • Putting It All Together
Basics of Ladder Logic Programming
  • What is Ladder Logic
  • XIC and XIO Instructions
  • OTE, OTL and OTU Instructions
  • Basic Tools and Setup
Interfacing with RSLogix 5000
  • Navigation Menus
  • Quick Access Toolbars
  • Creating New Tags
  • Default Data Types
  • Aliasing, Produced and Consumed Tags
Routines, UDTs and AOIs
  • Creating Routines
  • User-Defined Data Types
  • Add-On Instructions
RSLogix Program Instructions
  • ASCII String Instructions
  • Bit Instructions
  • Compare Instructions
  • Math Instructions
  • Move Instructions
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Matching IP Addresses
  • RSLinx Classic
  • FactoryTalk View Studio
Peripheral Devices
  • Adding New Modules
  • Communicating Using Tags
Alarming and Fault Events
  • Typical Faults
  • Managing Faults
Practical Examples

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Publication Date: February 16th, 2020
Pages: 180
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