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Learn Spanish for beginners: Learn Spanish in a Fun Way with Conversations and Tales You Can Even Listen in Your Car. Improve Your Vocabulary Today (Paperback)

Learn Spanish for beginners: Learn Spanish in a Fun Way with Conversations and Tales You Can Even Listen in Your Car. Improve Your Vocabulary Today Cover Image
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Hola QueTal? Quieres aprender el idioma espa ol ?

Do you want to learn the Spanish Language fast without having to relocate to a Spanish-speaking country for months? Are you planning a trip to Spain or Latin American? Do you want to learn a new language but don't have enough time to learn? If you want to learn how to speak Spanish with complete confidence, then keep reading...

Spanish is one of the three most spoken languages in the world. Even if you live in a place where everyone speaks English, you will need Spanish sometimes. If you plan to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, you will need to learn the basics to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Spanish is one of the most useful languages that one can study, learning Spanish does not have to be an extremely difficult task for a native English-speaker. If you approach learning Spanish with the logic that there is a formula to certain vocabulary words, you will have an enormous advantage that will help you master Spanish much quicker than your colleagues. Consider this book as my recommendations on how to master the Spanish language from an individual who grew up as a native bilingual Spanish and English speaker.

One of the biggest problems when learning a new language is the time it takes and sometimes, we do not have it since life is full of things to do. On the other hand, many beginners wonder where to start. Maybe you have several options to choose from, but when something is about investing time and money, you will consider it very well, right?

For this reason, thinking about your valuable time, I have decided to create this book which is designed to learn a little Spanish every day in just a few minutes

This Book divided into 3 parts, you will find:

  • Spanish Grammar for Beginners
  • Spanish Short Stories for Beginners
  • Spanish Phrases and Words for Beginners

Some of its characteristics are simplicity, easy to understand, useful, and reliable. This book contains a vocabulary section that will help you to learn new Spanish words and phrases every day, as well as a grammar explanation that will allow you to understand and learn the grammatical structure and enjoy speaking good Spanish from the beginning. Then with Short Stories you can discover and learn new words and expressions. When you read a new book or listen to a new Audiobook in a new language, you will face new words and new expressions. These new words and expressions, after discovering or looking for their meaning, can be written down to help incorporate them into your vocabulary. Learning a language with stories means learning useful vocabulary. You can learn meaningful vocabulary and that you can easily use it.

After having studied this guide, you will be able to communicate and make yourself understood in different fields of daily life. Also, you will be trained to deepen the learning.

This book aims to introduce you to the beautiful world of this language and I am sure it will be your starting point to explore and learn the basic terms to communicate with Spanish-speaking people and avoid common mistakes that some English-speaking people make when learning Spanish. Even if you have never had contact with Spanish before, this book is perfect for you because it is for people with very little or no knowledge of Spanish.

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ISBN: 9798664333558
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Publication Date: July 7th, 2020
Pages: 384
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