The Church Beneath the Roots (Paperback)

The Church Beneath the Roots By Felix Blackwell Cover Image

The Church Beneath the Roots (Paperback)


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Long before the events of Stolen Tongues...

On the Cold Valley Indian Reservation, in the shadow of Pale Peak, Onw Lopez struggles with the past as much as the present. By day, he watches his people abandon the Old Way as they flock to the local church. By night, he dreams of his childhood friend Ak ntha, who vanished from the rez decades prior.

Then, catastrophe strikes: a horrific accident brings a stranger to town with stories of unfathomable death. A ghastly figure wanders the night, peering into houses and terrorizing a tribal elder. Hideous whispers emanate from the nearby caves, beckoning Onw inside - and promising to return everyone he's lost.

The Church Beneath the Roots is the story of a town ravaged by memory, riven by change, and haunted by a sinister presence as old as the mountain itself.


"Church revisits the world of Stolen Tongues - but instead of quietly tapping on the cabin door, it bursts through and drags the reader into an abyss of torment. Blackwell has crafted a mysterious town, rich with historical detail and complex characters, and has unleashed his nightmares upon it."

-Nick Roberts, bestselling author of The Exorcist's House

Product Details ISBN: 9798869245106
Publisher: Felix Blackwell
Publication Date: March 29th, 2024
Pages: 344
Language: English