The Crown Jewel (Hardcover)

The Crown Jewel By Drew Logan Cover Image

The Crown Jewel (Hardcover)


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18th century, India.

The Crown Jewel, known for her magical charm and exotic beauty, is being overtaken by Great Britain's East India Trading Company. Originally known for trade and commerce, the runaway enterprise has exerted oppressive military control over the people of India.

Among the thousands who have opposed the tyranny of the EIC, stands a young man who was forcibly removed from his family. With true grit and the help of unlikely friends he heads on an expedition into the heart of the machine in order to find answers to his harrowing past.

During his voyage he begins to discover that his journey has been specifically planned and that he may be involved in a much larger story than his own.

Product Details ISBN: 9798989666577
Publisher: Tdla
Publication Date: March 1st, 2024
Pages: 192
Language: English