Neurodiverse and Autism Acceptance Event

Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 10:00am

Asbury Book Cooperative Is Proud To Announce

We Are Hosting A Neurodiverse and Autism Acceptance Event

April is Neurodiversity Awareness Month, and Asbury Book Cooperative is celebrating! On Saturday, April 13th, we will be turning our kids room into a Neurodiverse friendly sensory room. We will also have a story time and crafting hosted by Monica Murphy (Speech Pathologist), and Jai At Play, creators of  the Autism Through The Alphabet ABC Coloring Book. We will also be hosting resource tables from Blue Dot, The Therapy Garden, and ZR Fit and Wellness and Next Steps Adult Day Program. 

Blue Dot Sensory Room

All human beings have sensory preferences and our own ways of regulating the input from everyday life. Individuals with Autism or other developmental disabilities may experience differences and/or limitations in the way their body recognizes, needs, dislikes, and/or processes/responds to sensory input. Kids in general also learn and engage better when there is a multisensory experience and play involved to grow more neural connections. 

We have 8 senses: the OG 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch) and 3 additional senses: vestibular (balance, awareness of head in position to body), proprioception (the ability to perceive where our body is in space) and interoception (the internal visceral sensations, ie physical feelings related to anxiety or maybe sensing that you are thirsty or have to go to the bathroom). 

Sensory-safe rooms can be a place where kids and/or adults can go to explore with their various senses, find tools that may be what their body and brain need to organize themselves. Maybe their body/brain needs less overhead light and more dim lighting options. Maybe their body/brain needs a little bit of extra weight or pressure to know where they are in space and to feel more grounded. Maybe they need the option for a bit more movement with their hands or body. Maybe they need higher inputs of tactile sensation. Everyone is so different but making a space where people can be who they are is so important and meaningful! 

Story Time with Monica Murphy:

Monica Murphy, MSEd, CCC-SLP, is a certified speech-language pathologist and maintains a strong belief that communication is a fundamental human right. Specializing in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for individuals with complex communication disorders, Monica operates with a steadfast dedication to neurodiversity-affirming care. Her mission is to empower clients and equip their teams with the tools for clients to express themselves without limits. 

Story Time/ Crafting/ Sensory Games with Shekira and Jaiden:

Jai At Play was created by neurodivergent mother-son duo, Shekira and Jaiden.

Jai At Play is dedicated to changing how the world views Autism for autistic youth and their families.

Through our innovative products, resources, and workshops, we promote positive awareness, understanding, inclusion, and representation. We encourage neurodivergent and neurotypical children to find healthy ways to connect, foster healthier conversations and interactions, strengthen kindness, and open the door for autistic children to build positive identities which can lead to them becoming self-advocates.

We genuinely believe that when all children have the opportunity to learn about Autism and develop a deeper understanding, they gain the valuable skills needed to embrace differences, build meaningful connections, and contribute to a society that celebrates neurodiversity!


Resource Tables:

The Therapy Garden is a private practice that offers speech and language services to all populations- pediatrics through adulthood! We specialize in working with adults with intellectual and developmental differences as well as offering this population opportunities within the community! We are DDD approved and currently offer social groups, pop up events, parent/guardian events, and so much more!!!! Our goal is to create a safe space for anyone who walks through our doors so they can grow in their confidence and share their light with the world! 

ZR Fit and Wellness is an adaptive and inclusive gym and training program serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Certified Personal Trainers utilize the principles of applied behavior analysis to support individuals with disabilities in increasing their healthy relationship with exercise and movement. Trainers from ZR Fit and Wellness also hold certifications in the areas of Behavior Analysis, Speech and Language Pathology, Registered Behavior Technician, and more, as well as being Certified Personal Trainers with specialized training to adapt training routines for a variety of needs. ZR Fit and Wellness trainers strive to support long-term behavior changes to increase the Health, Fitness, and Wellness in the lives of their clients, and build a fun and supportive community for all participants.  

Next Steps Adult Day Program is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing adults with special needs meaningful life experiences that promote independence and increase social development while maintaining a healthy mind and body. We will develop, maintain and maximize the individual’s independent functioning in self-care, physical and emotional growth, socialization, communication, and vocational skills.


Event address: 
644A Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ 07712