Get Involved

Want to become a member of the co-op? Please do! Enjoy perks including discounts, tickets, member sale days, members-only events, and a better rate of exchange for used books you bring in. Members are also critical to the decision-making of the co-op and can join committees (see below), or run to serve on the board of directors.  Each member--no matter what level--has a vote at the annual member meeting in which we elect the board of directors and decide on other important co-op issues.   

Join us in this project of community leadership, economic democracy, and BOOKS.  Become a member today. 

If you are interested in volunteering for shifts at the store, please contact

ABC Member Committees (any member can join a committee(s))

There are several committees that are still looking for members to join.  Are you interested in any of the committees below? If so, reach out!

  • Events:
  • Fundraising:
  • Marketing:
  • Membership:
  • Partnerships:
  • Racial and Social Justice: or
  • Volunteers: