Book Mail Club: Vintage Books 12 Books/year

SKU: SUB12Vintage

1 Vintage book a month (12 books/year)

If you subscribe to this option, we will send you a vintage used book every month, for a total of 12 books over the course of a year. 

This option is where you come for your weirdo, old, classic, love it, gotta have it stuff. We surf library sales and are always on the lookout for tasty vintage morsels. 

You can also get titles in Nonfiction and/or Fiction and specify any trends/interests/genres/authors that you like. 

You can request specific titles, but we cannot guarantee that we will send you them. We can guarantee that we will use your suggestion to help guide our choices in the books we will send you. 

Price includes the cost of shipping. 

Price: $170.00